Personal Performance Coaching

“WOW!” – July 2012
Liane Smithies – Auckland, New Zealand

There are many words to describe the journey that Carolyn will start you on, and it can be narrowed down to just one: WOW!

I came to meet Carolyn through a mutual acquaintance in late 2011 and I embarked on the 12 week course. At this first meeting Carolyn asked me to describe the various different relationships with family and friends in my life, and the common theme was “tiring”. Carolyn suggested that at the completion of the course, these relationships would no longer be tiring. At that point I could not even grasp that concept, as it seemed too far away from reality.

So, turns out, Carolyn was very correct in her prophecy. This journey took me from being really quite intolerant, to understanding why I was like that, and gave me the tools to transform my life. This may sound a bit cheesy, but it is a fact. My life is so much calmer and 8000% more enjoyable (and I thought I was having a great life already).

This is without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made in my entire life.

If you get crabby, annoyed at other people – and this is happening a couple of times a week – you need this course.

“Take the Plunge” – March 2012

Leslie Simpson – McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd, New Zealand

I didn’t know it at the time but hearing Carolyn speak at a Senior EA/PA Round Table in Auckland started me on a journey of awareness that has changed my life in so many ways. I found her presentation at the Round Table so inspirational that it stayed with me longer than any other I attended at the conference.

At that time I was disenchanted with my job, my personal life had become boring and I was finding it hard to get motivated to do anything about either situation. I couldn’t help but wonder if some sort of coaching would help get me back on track and after an initial consultation with Carolyn decided to “take the plunge” and see what happened. Yes, I admit it, I went into it feeling a little sceptical, after all, who knows me better than I know myself? How wrong was that!

Through Carolyn’s guidance, prompting, and (at times) pushing me far beyond my comfort zone I discovered things about myself that have been so very liberating and would never have surfaced if I had not been made aware of them. And as a result of looking at life from a totally different perspective I am now the proud owner of a photography business which has filled a void in my personal life by providing creative challenges – and a lot enjoyment; I’ve rediscovered my enthusiasm for my “day job” and my feeling of wellbeing and faith in my ability to achieve whatever I want has never been better.

I highly recommend Carolyn to any individual or organisation where her coaching would be beneficial. Thanks Carolyn, it was a wonderful and very worthwhile journey!

“Inspiration” – February 2012

Hannah du Plessis – Attraction Marketing, Auckland, New Zealand

Carolyn is a great inspiration to me as a client. Not only does she live what she teaches, but she gives a full commitment to her clients’ success. Carolyn’s qualities are delivering great results, personable, and expert in her field. 

“New Sense of Direction & Purpose” – March 2011

Kim Ravenscroft – Auckland Council, New Zealand

I met Carolyn through attending a Freefall Seminar; she was one of the lovely Coaches running the program. I was so impressed with the transformation that I and the other participants experienced in the three days we were there that I wanted to experience it more. So, I signed up for a 12 week program where I met with Carolyn once a week to discuss any areas of interest that popped up in my life for that week. I also had Carolyn on tap 24/7 if I needed her.

I have seen my share of Counsellors and I have attended many courses, I even own a small library of self help books, but nothing compares to the principles and techniques that Carolyn taught me during those 12 weeks. Even now I return to those same philosophies when I become aware of myself slipping back to my old default ways.

I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all that she helped me achieve. In a loving and safe environment, with her help, support and guidance, I have found myself again. She helped me open my eyes to myself, she showed me that I can love all of me and not be ashamed of myself. Before I felt stuck and I hated my life, but now I embrace it. I have a new sense of clarity and spiritual connection with myself and I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I live every moment with a new sense of direction and purpose, and I am much more present in/to my life. I will forever be indebted to Carolyn for rescuing me from myself. I thoroughly recommend Carolyn to help you transform your life for the better. 


Professional Development


Motivational Speaking

July 2012
Conferenz Senior EA Roundtable

“Very clear, confident, organised Chairperson”
“Excellent speaker and keeps a focus on the subject. Enjoyed your passion and energy.  Reinforced that what we experience is not unusual and that we all face the same challenges.” – Sue Cameron

 “Always relevant in content, and really professionally delivered.  In particular, you have a real talent at making everyone feel included and comfortable to participate. Direct and charismatic all at once!” – Michelle Webb

“Love the high energy and the useful real world information with no holds barred. Fantastic speaker / facilitator.” – Vivienne Ong

“Very informative. Brilliant – public speaker. Very engaging.” – Sophie Lackey

“I found your presentation to be very engaging, relevant, positive and informative.  I think you struck the perfect balance of content, style and tone for your audience. Thank you.” – Sarah Lawrence

“Very inspirational and knowledgeable – fantastic speaker.” – Leigh Simpson

 “Very informative and covered a number of topics relative to EA roles.  Has given me cause to think about now and what’s next for my own personal development.” – Crystalle Burton

 “I was very impressed with your knowledge and rapport with the audience you were inspirational and I look forward to learning more about your services.” – Melina van Wyk

July 2012
Rangitoto College High Achievers Breakfast – Auckland, New Zealand 

“Carolyn we want to sincerely thank you for the incredible inspiration you were to everyone attending the breakfast. Not only did you share a phenomenal personal story of sporting success and achievement of your own gold medal at World Championship level, but you motivated and encouraged the students to keep striving and achieving by giving sound, practical advice in an entertaining way.

Everyone in the room was riveted to their seats and the number of students coming up to thank you at the end is testimony to your message and their appreciation.”

Jayne Albiston – President PTA, Rangitoto College, Auckland, New Zealand

June 2011
Senior EA Roundtable – Brightstar, Auckland, New Zealand 

“Interesting and energetic, good end to the day” – Michelle Crayton-Brown, Northland DHB

“Very, very good. She is an amazing presenter and covered very relevant info to think about” – Karen Culmer, NZ Sugar

“being good enough”, to move forward, achieve, contribute, evolve – Robyn Knuth, Massey University

“Inspirational! Excellent” – Leslie Simpson, McConnell Dowell Constructors

“Amazing, completely inspirational” – Kimberley Dwan, Assignment Group 

March 2011
Senior EA Conference – Conferenz – Auckland, New Zealand 

“Great speaker!”

“Great presenter – drawing on personal experiences”



“Funny, Enjoyable & could get a message across!”

“Best presenter, very polished”