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Astrum Coaching provides a number of different professional development programmes to assist you and your business to achieve your full potential and the next level of success. A successful performing team is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s ever changing environment.

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High Performance Teams Workshop

Unlock your team’s potential, learn to recognise the needs of every member of your team and create the desire to achieve the company’s goals. Through greater understanding of why people do what they do, this workshop introduces a systematic approach where people are treated the way they want to be treated resulting in increased cooperation and reduced tension.

This makes the process of motivating, delegating, planning and supervising enjoyable and meaningful for every member of the team.

The High Performance Teams Workshop is a specially designed training session where teams will learn how to maximise productivity by identifying individual strengths and in addition, learn:

  • how each person looks at the world, and his/her preferred behavioural style
  • how each person expects others to communicate with him/her
  • how each person wishes to be managed
  • how each person operates under stress and what to do to ease tension

Participants will be given guidelines and general strategies to become more effective in:

  • managing relationships
  • developing a strong sense of purpose
  • understanding team members
  • building bridges of compatibility
  • paying attention to individual preferences
  • bringing out the best in everyone to maximise performance and deliver results

Professional Performance Programme

Empower your staff to perform at their best all day every day.  This training program is designed with your high achievers in mind supporting them to further develop their capabilities sets your team up powerfully to achieve results.

Identifying the skills and abilities required to increase personal performance, motivating individuals, building team cohesion, and creating effective communication will lay the foundations for ongoing improved business performance.

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HR Audit

HR AuditThe Human Resource Audit is a fast, simple, effective guide to managing people the way they want to be managed.  Focusing on the needs of the individual, creating an environment where people feel valued, and bridging the gap between management and employees.

Increase awareness as to how you can build trust, communication, cooperation and understanding and reduce stress and tension.

The Human Resource Audit provides a valuable insight and an “At A Glance” guide to understanding the differences in your employees and communicating with them on their wavelength.

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Connectivity and Connection

Help people communicate more effectively and build rapport in seconds. You will be provided with the basic principles to enhance communication, teamwork and interaction between people with different behavioural characteristics.

Finding out what makes your staff tick and providing you with this insight to give them what they need to be productive.

Help your employees feel connected so that there is open communication.  This will help your office run smoothly with less “office politics” and more co-operation.

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Get Organised

Home office or Corporate office – creating systems to assist you to deliver greater efficiencies within your current environment – helping you to minimise mistakes and improve productivity.

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