determination – never give up!

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eyesHave you ever wanted something so badly that you went to extraordinary lengths to make it a reality?  Think back to some of the personal qualities you were displaying.  Were you focused?  Did you have a clear, concise, SMART goal?  Were you strict with your energy?  Did you get distracted or did you stay focussed on your outcome?  What about your time management?

Every time you encountered an obstacle if you were to give in/up you would never have achieved your purpose.  What was it that kept you going in the face of those obstacles or objections?

Determination – internal strength or fortitude.

It’s that courage that wells up in the pit of your stomach that keeps you placing one foot in front of the other in a marathon; writing one more sentence towards a book; going for a run in the rain instead of staying in bed to lose that one more kilo; turning up to that next networking event to find that new client; doing one more exercise or repetition in training when your mind tells you you’ve done enough or can’t do anymore – DO ONE MORE!  When you feel you can’t take anymore, you’re too tired, that it’s all too much – it’s your DETERMINATION that keeps you going.

When someone tells you that you can’t do something that what you want to achieve is not possible – it’s your determination that drives you to achieve.  This is the emotion from deep within that gives you the strength to continue to do all that is necessary to achieve.  Determination will overcome all obstacles – it will help you to find another way.  Determination will provide you with that previously untapped energy source to do “just one more lap” or to “go one more step”.  Determination will provide you with the insights to find another idea, to create a new story.

Why are some people Winners? What makes one person Extraordinary over another?
These people have determination of purpose!

Have you ever heard any of these statements …..

You can’t do that
You’re not smart enough
You’re not good enough
You’re not fit enough

…..with determination of purpose you will achieve extraordinary results – YOU DECIDE!  In every single moment you DECIDE – it’s that simple.

Determination is the fuel that fires your passion to achieve your goals.  It’s what drives you when you’re a high achiever to keep going in the face of objection.

  • So when was the last time you were determined to achieve?
  • What qualities did you admire in yourself during that time?
  • What would you have to do to replicate this in all areas of your life?
  • Do you have something you are determined to achieve?

So what does determination mean for you?  I’d love to hear from you … click on the word “comment” below the heading and share your thoughts.