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Carolyn Bassett

Carolyn Bassett

Meet Carolyn…

Carolyn Bassett is an internationally recognised achievement based personal performance coach and motivational speaker. Her speciality as a personal performance coach is partnering individuals, teams and businesses to achieve exemplary performance beyond the norm. What others think as ordinary, can be viewed as extraordinary, depending on one’s point of view. Carolyn is passionate about the evolution of human performance and as such is dedicated to the exemplary achievements of those she has the privilege to coach.

A born leader, Carolyn has in excess of 10 years experience working at an executive level in both Australia and New Zealand in both the public and private sectors. She has extensive experience in organisational change management in both countries and is an accomplished change expert with over 20 years experience in both business and management.

Having competed at the highest levels of sporting competition, regionally, nationally and internationally, Carolyn knows first-hand what it takes to achieve extraordinary results. Her dedication to achieving results for both herself and others is surpassed only by her significant passion, drive and energy.

Carolyn is a highly accomplished performer with a vast variety of accomplishments, ie University Lecturer, World Archery Champion, NSW Indoor Netball representative, managing the Central Hub of the Chief Executive in New Zealand’s 4th largest city and performing (in dance) on centre stage at the Opera House in Sydney.

In 2009, Carolyn established her private coaching practice, “astrum coaching limited” for the purposes of supporting professional performance and personal success of individuals and organisations seeking positive sustainable behavioural change. Achieving qualifications such as a Diploma in Business Administration, Graduate Certificate in Business (Executive Administration) and Certificate in Management, serve to support her ability to partner those interested in exemplary performance.  Carolyn also has strong organisational and team building skills along with a wealth of experience with organising dynamic events.

Carolyn enjoys a variety of activities in her leisure time and as the Vice President of The Boxer Club Inc she is an avid dog sports participant, competing regularly in dog agility, obedience and comformation shows. Her other hobbies include calligraphy, archery, reading, baking and various crafts. Carolyn is a proud Australian who lives on Auckland’s North Shore with her husband Terry and their Boxer dogs Keisha and Razz. With much of their family residing in Australia they take every opportunity to return there to visit with them.

About Astrum

Carolyn Bassett established her private coaching practice, “Astrum Coaching Limited“ after successfully completing her coach training in 2009. Astrum’s purpose is to support the professional performance and the personal success of individuals and organisations seeking positive sustainable behavioural change.

Astrum is the Latin word for star! Carolyn believes that every single one of us has a star within… some need help to find it, some have found it and need help to make it shine, and some already shine and want help to shine brighter!  Hence Astrum Coaching was born.

Carolyn will partner you on your journey by taking you by the hand, holding you accountable and leading you through the challenges ahead in order for you to realise your goals and achieve the next level of success.

My Vision

For individuals, teams and businesses to achieve extraordinary results, contribute to others and evolve their awareness.

My Mission

To help people to unlock their inner potential, discover their true passion and realise the shining star they can be.

I’m Motivated by

Freedom, Love & Passion!

My Core Values

  • Loyalty
  • Courage
  • Family
  • Connection
  • Love
  • Serenity
  • Wisdom
  • Fun
  • Empathy
  • Trust  (Honesty / Integrity / Ethics)